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"D_View" House

  Exclusive home rental I Town of Samobor I 20 minutes from Zagreb  

Are you searching for a perfect weekend getaway near Zagreb?

Do you want to spend several silent days surrounded by nature but still be able to explore adventures hidden nearby?

We got a perfect holiday house for you!

D_View House is located on the Anindol Hill just next to Samobor highlands.

Industrial living space of 42m² is perfect for a couple or a lone wolf in need of peace and silence.

Rooftop Jacuzzi on the big terrace will make your stay memorable and worth visiting.



Interior Design


We've put a  lot of attention to details so you can discover something cool in every corner of the house.

Grill Terrace


Make your own food, use our BBQ grill  trolley.

 Drop by the best meet shop in Samobor and do not forget Samobor`s Farmer market.

Rooftop Jacuzzi 


Rooftop Jacuzzi will make you feel like bathing in the clouds. Hurry up, water temperature is just fine!

Vintage Bookshelf


Explore the bookshelf full of vintage books about cars, famous politicians and food. Pick one and learn something new!


If the  chirping of the birds or a slow wind touching the trees can't wake you up, we have Nespresso! Good morning!

D_View ;)

Once you will be standing on our big terrace and enjoying the sight, the name of the house will make more sense.



Living room
Living room

It looks even better in real!

press to zoom
Industrial lights
Industrial lights

Discover everything! Step by step!

press to zoom


Hiking Tours


If you like exploring the nature around you b< foot, just get out of the house and you will find yourself surrounded with woods.

Bike Tours


Rent e-bikes and discover the roads of Samobor Highlands. There is a road for you, no matter if a beginner or a pro.

Farmer's Market Tour 


Explore BIO and GMO free foods on Samobor local Farmer's market. Small and romantic, this market is a must-visit for every foodie.

Food Crawl Tour


Rudarska greblica, Samoborska salama,

Bermet, Mustarda. Don't try to pronounce it -  just try it!

Crystal Mine Visit


Just around the corner, hidden in the green valley of Rude, The Saint Barbara mine is  perfect choice to visit before lunch.

Rimac Factory Tour


Did you know that the world's fastest electric car is being built in our neighbourhood?

And yes - you can see it! ;)



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